Payment methods

Payment methods supported

Debit or credit cards issued by Spanish financial institutions supported by the secure payment platform provided by Shopify payments: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro Paypal

Terms of use and rejection of purchases

The payment of your order takes place in real time through the Virtual POS / Paypal once it has been verified that the data provided is correct.

BlackMarino Co. guarantees that it will treat with total security and confidentiality the data corresponding to the means of payment used and that sensitive information is transmitted in SSL encrypted form.

SSL encryption guarantees communication secrecy through a dialogue with encryption keys.

The payment platforms used on the website and the company itself has adopted fraud prevention measures and controls.

These controls consist of the analysis of the characteristics of the orders and the method of use of the payment method.

On occasion, in order to ensure that it is not a fraudulent operation BlackMarino Co. may require you to complete certain information or provide other supplementary information.

The company reserves the right to cancel or cancel the order if it considers whether fraud is detected or additional information is avoided to verify the authenticity of the order.

Due to the casuistry of the process, we cannot guarantee that some orders will be canceled incorrectly, so our Customer Service department will try to answer your order as soon as possible.

Additionally, BlackMarino Co. does not control or be responsible for the damages that may be caused by the application of the anti-fraud policies or measures approved by the different providers or issuers of payment means.

Do you need an invoice for your order?

For this service please contact our customer service by email