The Davys Rope
The Davys Rope
The Davys Rope
The Davys Rope
The Davys Rope
The Davys Rope
The Davys Rope
The Davys Rope

The Davys Rope

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"Davy's Rope"

According to legend, when a sailor fell overboard, it was said that he had gone to the chest of Davy Jones. So if it's fortune and adventure you seek...plunge through "Davy's Rope" and face your deepest fears.

This ring symbolizes our emblem "The X" the place of departure and the personification of a rope and an anchor submerged in the depths of the sea in search of the key to Davy's chest.

  • 925 sterling silver
  • Weight 26 grams
  • Handcrafted Sterling Silver.

1-Right click on the image above and select "Save Image As"

2-Print the image at 100% scaling (make sure scaling is off).

3-Measure the lower gray section: it should measure 8.89cm from one end to the other.

4-Cut out the dimensions tool (the top section) and wrap the sheet of paper around the finger where you want to put your ring.

5-The number that lines up closest to the "Read Size Here" area will be your size (Note: If you are between two sizes, it is best to round down rather than up).

BlackMarino jewelry was designed to look tough and rugged, so don't worry if you notice your pieces have an antique look over time. Sterling silver or sterling silver will have a more pirate and rougher look when exposed to common everyday items that contain sulfur such as leather, rubber, chlorine, salt water and even air pollution.

We think these designs look best with some character and pirate personality, but if you decide you want to keep your BlackMarino pieces looking shiny and new, simply buff them with a silver cleaning cloth and they'll be totally shiny; they can be purchased at most jewelry stores.


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